SongSearch is a vital tool of CCLI’s license protection. Through SongSearch you can determine whether or not the songs you intend to use are covered by CCLI under the Church Copyright License. You can also find contact information for publishers and administrators.

Searching by catalog/copyright owner (rather than the song title) provides the most accurate way to determine if a song is covered by CCLI. That’s because a song may be owned by a copyright owner that we cover, but for whatever reason, may not yet appear in our database. Also, many songs in our database have the same title, which can cause a lot of confusion.

Any song that is represented by a CCLI catalog/copyright owner is covered by the Church Copyright License.

  • Some songs are represented by multiple catalogs/owners.
  • If any of the catalog/copyright owners are listed with CCLI, the song is covered.

But sometimes you might not have access to copyright information, or you need to search by lyrics, author, AKA or CCLI number.

  • If your song comes up in our search results (and you’re certain it’s the song you’re looking for), it’s covered.
  • If you don’t find the song in our search results, remember, it still might be covered.
  • If you have questions about a song, feel free to contact Customer Service by email or phone 1-800-234-2446 x3.